Triduum Sacrum: Holy Thursday

Triduum Sacrum: Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Exodus 12:1-8; 11-14; Psalm 116; I Corinthians 11:23-26; John 13:1-15

It is a night of hands and feet.

Feet to lead sheep and goats from their stalls.
Hands to slaughter them.
Hands to smear their blood on doorposts and lintel.
Feet to stand in readiness, prepared to flee into the night.

Hands to take up bread and tear it.
Hands to pass around and share a cup.
Hands to untie and tie, to pour water and wipe dry.
Feet to move from one to the other.

It is a night of feet and hands.

Hands to clean a baby’s bottom, a spouse’s back.
Feet to run and play.
Hands to rub that which is sore.
Hands to cut vegetables.
Hands with which to measure, inches, feet, a yard.
Feet to play footsy with under the table.
Hands to dig into a garden’s soil and plant.
Feet to run a race; to pedal a bike.
Hands to embrace a face,to wipe away a tear.
Feet to walk bearing gifts of wine and bread.
Hands to change a bed.
Feet with which to dance.
Hands to extend in prayer.
Hands to move a computer mouse, to type a tweet, to click an icon.
Feet to kick open a door.
Hands to fashion wood;to paint a picture.
Feet to climb a ladder, to hike a mountain, to ascend a staircase.
Feet with which to share a walk.
Hands to rub morning eyes awake.
Feet to march in a parade.

Hands to play the clarinet, to draw a bow against a set of strings.
Feet to chase the dog.
Hands to pump gas, to check the oil.
Feet to splash in a puddle.
Feet to walk in procession, hands extended to receive bread of life and a cup of blessing.
Hands to set a table; to fold laundry.
Feet to brake a vehicle in traffic.
Hands to brush teeth, to wash dishes.
Feet to stand on tippy toe.
Hands to clasp in welcoming, to pat on the back in support.
Hands to carry a briefcase, to wield tools, to write on a blackboard.
Hands to lace and tie a shoe.
Hands to carry groceries.
Feet to kick a ball, to jump and make a score, to somersault across the grass.
Hands to speak with the deaf, to give directions, to give warning.
Hands to wash a car.
Feet to tickle and laugh again like a child.

It is a night of feet and hands.

Hands bound tightly and painfully behind the back.
Feet with which to be led against your will.
Hands to carry a cross.
Feet to stumble up a hill.

It is a time of hands and feet.

Feet and hands nailed to a tree.
Hands and feet to be offered.
Feet with which to encounter.
Hands to receive.

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