david rowing

My homilies, book suggestions and musings are offered for your consideration and reflection.  The following pastiche of images and enjoyments are the manner in which I choose to introduce myself.

Cobalt blue – the church cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach – the crackling, rustling sound of walking through autumn leaves –the ascent of incense through shafts of sunlight – the classicism of Igor Stravinsky – the electricity of a New York City street – red geraniums – T.S. Eliot’s poetry – dark Belgian chocolate – Sagrada Familia – the Anglican choral tradition – the flying buttresses around the apse of Notre Dame de Paris – Jerome Robbins’ Fancy Free and Glass Pieces – children’s literature – sitting in a big stuffed chair reading the Sunday New York Times –  traveling – The Saint Matthew Passion of Bach – the gravitas of the Köln Dom – a first snow fall – the colourscapes of Mark Rothko – Murder in the Cathedral – cinnabar red  the  Venetian poly-choral tradition – books, books & more books… – Advent – the Roman and Byzantine liturgies – Mariendom – Le sacre du printemps – dogwood trees – the operas of Puccini – Berlin – L’Opera Bastille the portraits of John Singer Sargent – fugues – Paris – Thomas á Becket – sitting in the Luxembourg Gardens – Hagia Sophia – the art nouveau architectural style of Antoni Gaudi – The Ballets Russe – rowing a boat in Central Park – Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610 – The New Yorker Magazine – George Balanchine’s Apollo and Serenade for Strings the plays of Tennessee Williams – autumn darkness – the Requiems of Duruflé, Brahms and Mozart – Tosca – John Chysostomos – The art of Brian Rutenberg – Théâtre des Champs Élysées  sitting on a porch during a steady spring-summer rain…